5 reasons to choose the GRE test over the GMAT

Applying to business school is a big step, and it’s important to choose the test that will allow you to show your skills. Find out why more people are choosing the GRE over the GMAT than ever before.

1 More career options

Thousands of graduate and business schools accept GRE scores for their master’s, MBA and PhD programs. Scores are also valid for 5 years, so you could double major, or change your mind, and not have to take another test! GMAT is intended only for business school.

2 Use a calculator

You can use a calculator on the GRE Quantitative Reasoning section but can’t use a calculator on the GMAT Quantitative Reasoning section. Why struggle when you don’t have to?

3 It’s cheaper

Save up to $80 on the GRE test depending upon where you're testing, plus access tons of free and low cost test prep options, including the Official GRE Mentor, which is now 25% off with the purchase of a test registration or Official Guide to the GRE General Test paperback or ebook (no code needed).

4 Answer questions in any order you want

and change answers within each section. On the GMAT, questions must be answered in order, and, if you do well, the questions get progressively harder.

5 Test where and when you want

at a test center near you or even from home — at any time and on any day of the week.

See how the GRE compares to the GMAT Focus Edition

Getting into Business School in the U.S.

Use our comprehensive guide to explore the reasons to pursue a business degree and see what types of degree might best fit your goals, plus we’ll tell you the steps to take to get started.

getting into business school mockup

Looking further afield? See the entry requirements for top business schools around the world on the GRE Score Map.

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What the experts say

Esther Magna, a business school expert at Stacy Blackman Consulting, explains the advantages of choosing the GRE exam over other admissions tests.

Perspectives from test takers and institutions

“I chose the GRE over GMAT because of its wide acceptance. I wanted to keep my options open and GRE was accepted by business and other schools alike.”

Vijayraj Patel

NYU Full-Time MBA Program, Class of 2026

“Students who have been admitted with strong GRE scores have achieved remarkable success as students, managers and leaders. By effectively gauging their preparedness for the challenges of business school, the GRE plays a pivotal role in our admissions process.”

Rodrigo Malta

Managing Director, MBA Recruitment and Admissions, The University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business

Your questions, answered

Want to learn more about the GRE General Test before registering? Access our quick guide to get answers to frequently asked questions.

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